Video - Andrew Shea at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Designing for Social Change’


Andrew Shea is a graphic designer, writer, and educator living in New York City. As a designer, he uses design thinking on a range of projects that involve creating logos and branding systems, web sites, environmental graphics, books and printed matter. Shea’s book, Designing for Social Change, was published by Princeton Architectural Press and features 10 strategies that can improve the effectiveness of community-based projects. He teaches design at Parsons The New School for Design, and frequently visits design programs as a lecturer and critic.

At TEDx Transmedia 2012, Andrew talked about how graphic design can create meaningful behavior change.

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TEDx Transmedia 2012 speaker Andrew Shea on the social value of disruptive design

TEDx Transmedia 2012 speaker Andrew Shea wrote a fascinating article earlier this year on the social value of disruptive design and how small environmental changes can create significant behaviour change.

In the article: 'Flies in Urinals: The Value of Design Disruptions,' Shea, a designer and writer based in New York, looks at how habits like smoking and drug-taking are complexly woven into the routines of people’s lives and how slight disruptions in how you use your environment can help break damaging patterns of behaviour. 

He then translates some of this psychological insight and research into ideas about ‘social design.’ Shea proposes ways that designers can intervene to help change and improve lives, using the examples of flies in urinals and Candy Chang's inspirational project, Before I Die, which encourages people to share their hopes and dreams in public space. 

The article was published in Change Observer just ahead of the publication of Shea’s book Designing for Social Change

Read the full article ‘Flies in Urinals: The Value of Design Disruptions’ here.

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