New TEDxTransmedia 2013 website has launched!

Phew, we have been working hard to complete the TEDxTransmedia 2013 line up and bring you a new website. It arrived today and means you can now get the full lowdown on all the speakers and register to attend the event in Rome on September 27, 2013. We’re really proud of the plans for extraordinary speakers to respond to the ‘Dangerously Ethical’ theme through the prism of their own expertise in fields like hacking, bioengineering and evolutionary psychology. Please dive into the new site and explore. Hope to see you in Rome! 


TEDxTransmedia 2013 is ‘Dangerously Ethical’, are you? Register at our new teaser website to find out… 

Video - Andrew Shea at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Designing for Social Change’


Andrew Shea is a graphic designer, writer, and educator living in New York City. As a designer, he uses design thinking on a range of projects that involve creating logos and branding systems, web sites, environmental graphics, books and printed matter. Shea’s book, Designing for Social Change, was published by Princeton Architectural Press and features 10 strategies that can improve the effectiveness of community-based projects. He teaches design at Parsons The New School for Design, and frequently visits design programs as a lecturer and critic.

At TEDx Transmedia 2012, Andrew talked about how graphic design can create meaningful behavior change.

Andrew’s website

Video - Peter Espersen at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘The New Campfires of Community’


Peter Espersen is the Head of Online Communities for The LEGO Group focusing on the 13+ age group. He spearheads online community and social media to engage teen and adult fans of LEGO, and works closely with a wide range of business units across the company.

At TEDx Transmedia, Peter talked about how brands and businesses must adapt to new technologies and forms of communication to continue to engage fans and customers.

Video - Ana Serrano at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Rethinking The Role Of Creators’


Ana Serrano is Chief Digital Officer of the Canadian Film Centre and Founder of the CFC Media Lab, the world-renowned and award-winning institute for interactive storytelling created in 1997 at the Canadian Film Centre.

At TEDx Transmedia, Ana focused on rethinking the role of creators in participatory formats.

Video - Rosalía Lloret at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘About Gurus and Media: Can We Still Be Positive?’


Rosalía Lloret is Chief Digital Officer at PRISA News (publisher of El País, AS, Cinco Días and leading magazines such as Cinemania and Rolling Stone) and member of its Executive Board since September 2011. Previously, she was CDO and member of the Board of Unidad Editorial, publisher of El Mundo.

At TEDx Transmedia, Rosalía argued that traditional Big Media organisations still have a fundamental role to play in the new media environment.

Salvatore Iaconesi’s extraordinary TEDx Transmedia talk featured on CNN

The incredible personal story of artist Salvatore Iaconesi using digital and social to fight brain cancer has gained worldwide attention and engaged people globally in a mission to help him find a cure.  

This week his talk at TEDx Transmedia 2012 was featured on and inspired a lively debate in the comments section which led to a second article where he responded to eight of the significant questions asked about his methods and aims. 

Check out the two CNN articles, the first featuring his story in his own words:

Video - Poonacha Machaiah at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Purposeful Technology for Positive Change’


Poonacha Machaiah is the CEO of Qyuki, a social media startup founded by internationally acclaimed film director Shekhar Kapur and music composer AR Rahman.

After a 17-year career in the US, Poonacha returned to India to start ‘ABOVE - A Bunch Of Versatile Entrepreneurs.’ He set up operations in Bangalore, Singapore and Qatar to understand the influence of Indian, Chinese and Islamic cultures and build innovative solutions to address the intrinsic needs of the local markets.

At TEDx Transmedia 2012, Poonacha called for a heightened awareness of our environments, and one another, to build “purposeful technology” for social change.

Video - Alison Norrington at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Transmedia Storyworlds - Theme, Audience & Play’


Alison Norrington has more than 15 years of novel and playwriting experience, penning three bestselling novels, two stage plays and the first transmedia romcom. She is a creative producer, storyteller, consultant and educator in transmedia storytelling and founded storycentralDIGITAL & storycentralLABS, working closely with writers, studios, brands, broadcasters and publishers globally advising on strategic planning, incubating new entertainment IP, story architecture and cross-platform implementation.

At TEDx Transmedia 2012, Alison focused on a theory of playfulness within storytelling and how a story’s theme, genre and audience behaviours help shape strategy, active engagement and levels of immersion.

Alison’s website:

Video - Derrick de Kerckhove at TEDx Transmedia 2012 - ‘Digital Mindshifting’


Derrick de Kerckhove is a controversial and exciting thinker. As an expert on the future of technology, culture and the mass media, de Kerckhove’s interpretation of the new electronic reality has a reputation for creating opportunities for change within corporate and personal environments. He worked with Marshall McLuhan for more than ten years as translator, assistant and co-author and is widely hailed as the heir to McLuhan’s intellectual legacy. At TEDx Transmedia he talked about ‘digital mindshifting’ and its consequences.