TEDx Transmedia Curator Nicoletta Iacobacci made Head of Strategy for Media at EBU

At TEDx Transmedia HQ we are celebrating the great news that TEDxTransmedia founder and curator Nicoletta Iacobacci has been made Head of Strategy for Media at the European Broadcasting Union.

The prestigious role is a newly formed position which will focus on media developments from a content perspective. Nicoletta will be heavily involved in the EBU Media Lab projects and share its findings with EBU members through seminars and workshops.

Nicoletta joined EBU in 2006 as Head of Multiplatform and Crossmedia and says she sees her new role as an opportunity to help public service media produce quality content and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

"I am really excited for this new role at the EBU. I joined this organisation to contribute to the public service media of the future, and now I can give my concrete contribution. It won’t be easy. It will be challenging, because of some of the criticisms public service media faces, but I firmly believe that public service, if revamped, has a bright future," she said.

"With transmedia strategy public service media has the opportunity to reach all audiences, to aggregate new powerful proactive communities that, if strategically supported and guided, can do good for the world and make a change, therefore, I am committing myself to this opportunity, which I consider more a mission than a job."

Nicoletta was appointed alongside the new Head of TV, Bettina Brinkmann, and new Head of  Radio, Christian Vogg. Their appointments will be effective from September 1, 2012.

Head of the Media Department, Annika Nyberg Frankenhaueser, said: “I am delighted to look to the future with this new team who provide excellent skills across the board on all media platforms. Each one of them is experienced, creative, driven and has a clear understanding of the many challenges our Members are facing in today’s fast paced media environment.”  

The EBU serves 74 Members in 56 countries in and around Europe. It represents its Members and promotes the values and distinctiveness of public service media in Europe and around the world. The Eurovision and Euroradio networks deliver news, sports, events and music to EBU Members and other media organizations. Services to Members range from legal advice, technical standardisation and development to coproduction and exchange of quality European content. 

Before joining the EBU, Nicoletta worked for the Italian broadcaster RAI creating its first website, and initiating the RAI TV interactive/digital content factory in Italy. Prior to that she worked for RAI in the US as a producer covering North and Central America. Nicoletta has also been giving university courses on Multiplatform Distribution and Interactive storytelling.