Federico Pistono at TEDxTransmedia 2013 - ‘How to be wise’

Federico Pistono is an internationally known author, a social entrepreneur, a scientific educator, a lecturer, and aspiring filmmaker. He has written on science, technology, Internet communities, artificial intelligence, and climate change. Federico’s book “Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy” is a bestseller worldwide. He’s a graduate from Singularity University, and lately he founded Esplori, whose goal is to provide an inclusive, global learning environment, where anyone can learn anything, anywhere, without physical or language barriers.

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Katharina Sand at TEDxTransmedia 2013 - ‘Fashionably Disruptive’

Katharina grew up in Italy, Germany, Kenya, and Switzerland. After graduating from London’s Goldsmith’s College, she covered the New York fashion scene as a correspondent for over 5 years.
In the year 2000 she opened the boutique Septieme Etage to bring designers to the place she felt needed it most: the decidedly un-froufrou calvinist Geneva, home of international organizations, financial institutions, and the Swiss private schools forming the next generations of leaders.She is currently working on a book and a digital project for retail disruption. Her closet includes a dress that — unzipped — represents the silhouette of E.T.

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Simon Cohen at TEDxTransmedia 2013 - ‘How to be wise’

In this talk, Simon challenges us to drop conventional ideas about wisdom, ditch the old bearded professors, the tweed, and even the books, and invites us on a personal journey of self-discovery.

Simon Cohen is a social commentator, national broadcaster and media ethics champion. He pioneered Personal Relations (humanising, ethical PR), Inspirational Marketing and Symbiotic Communications, and spread positive social stories to hundreds of millions of people.

Video - Keren Elazari at TEDxTransmedia 2013 - ‘Heroes and Anti Heroes of the Information Age’

Keren has been a key member of the Israeli Cyber Security & Hacking scene in the past decade and since 2000, has been employed with leading Israeli security firms and government organizations to cover emerging security technologies.

She teaches at Tel Aviv University and at Singularity University in Palo Alto; her academic research focus on the effects of hacking and cyber warfare on global politics and national security issues.

Satisfaction with an interaction with friends is greater after laughter, even if it’s just an emoticon

Robin Dunbar on laughter at TEDxTransmedia 2013

We have to be makers and risk-takers today we have jolt us into new ways of seeing and give us the courage to rub against the new. Together we can weave a collaborative vision of the future. Let us create more stories that give people the courage to add to the future with imagination and talent.

Anna Reeves, #TEDxTransmedia 2013

Wise people do not avoid pain but embrace pain and show the utility of it in order to be more authentic, to feel more, to love more, to learn more, to BE more.

Simon Cohen on ‘How to be wise’ at TEDxTransmedia 

To educate your child and to alter your child genetically are structurally analogous procedures. Choosing your procreative partner and choosing a fertilized egg after IVF and PGD are structurally analogous procedures, too. Hence, genetic enhancements do not have to be morally problematic procedures

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner at TEDxTransmedia 2013 

When I was coming back to the surface I had a lot of adrenalin and in that moment I had my answer to that question - WIN or compete?” - World Record-breaking 88m Free Diver Alessandro Rignani Lolli #TEDxTransmedia 2013

When I was coming back to the surface I had a lot of adrenalin and in that moment I had my answer to that question - WIN or compete?” - World Record-breaking 88m Free Diver Alessandro Rignani Lolli #TEDxTransmedia 2013

Before I made my world record dive all my body was like a volcano that wanted to explode, all my muscles were just like a gun ready to shoot. And when I started to dive all the questions disappeared and all I had was an answer.

Alessandro Rignani Lolli at TEDxTransmedia 2013